Too Many Toys!

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From the inaugural winner of the Sebastian Walker Prize comes the story of Lulu - a little girl with too many toys! (Yes, there is such a thing!)From the inaugural winner of the Sebastian Walker Prize, comes the warm, funny story of a little girl called Lulu who has too many toys! (Yes, there is such a thing.) Ever since Lulu was a little baby, she has had Jupiter - her lovely, cuddly, most-favourite-ever teddy bear. But with each new birthday... she gets new toys. And with every passing Christmas... more new toys. Very soon, Lulu's room becomes over-crowded with all kinds of mischievous toy soldiers and dolls, cowboys and doggies, monkeys and spaceships! She can barely fit in her own bed. What will Lulu do? Arresting colour and intricate comic detail abound in this picture book for modern times. Hardback Book 32 pages Published: 2015 by Walker Books ISBN: 9781406346817 Dimensions: 225 x 276 x 11mm Author(s): Heidi Deedman Illustrator(s): Too Many Toys! Hardback Book Edition by Heidi Deedman Suggested Age Group(s): 3 to 5 year olds,.

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