The Trial of the Man Who Said He Was God Douglas Edison Harding Author

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This remarkable work by the author of On Having No Head is didactic fiction in the English tradition of More, Bunyan, Butler, Orwell and Huxley. Taking the form of a court case in the year 2003 AD in which a man is tried for blasphemy, the book dramatises Harding's highly original techniques for Seeing Who We Are, and gauges our myriad ideas about our relationship with the Divine. It is also an indictment of the cruel sport of heresy hunting and a passionate plea for tolerance and forgiveness in our time. This is arguably D.E. Harding's finest work and likely to astonish and delight his growing readership. It shows that old age can be transformed from a liability into an asset. Moving and exciting, The Trial of the Man Who Said He was God grips you as only a trial by jury has the power to grip.

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