The Textile Touch: Beautiful Step-by-step Projects for Everyday Living Susan Cooper Author

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Make the everyday gorgeous by turning functional items into objects of beauty. By using textiles to cover, quilt or otherwise enhance everyday items, the author shows you how to create works of art that will bring you pleasure every time you use them, from marking your place with a baroque bookmark to heading out on a shopping spree with a glorious handbag. The author simplifies the intricacies of dyeing fabrics so you can create your own colour ranges for individual looks, while beading techniques to give a unique range of individual trims are also explained. The projects - ranging from tissue box covers to luxurious shawls - are lavishly illustrated and carefully explained in detailed, step-by-step instructions and accompanying diagrams. Whether you are a novice with a sewing machine or a dedicated craftsperson, you'll soon be seduced by the rewards of textile art and enjoying your own opulent creations.

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