The Stone in the Skull - (Lotus Kingdoms, 1) by Elizabeth Bear (Paperback)

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Praise for The Stone in the Skull "Elizabeth Bear sweeps the reader into a world of ravishing detail."--Huffington Post "Amazing worldbuilding, gloriously precise prose, and excellent pacing." "The Eternal Sky trilogy is one of the great fantasy epics of the last decade, and Bear triumphantly returns to that setting."--Library Journal "Glorious and dramatic."--Publishers Weekly, starred review "The plot hews closely to the whole band-of-rogues-assemble-to-fight-stronger-band-of-foes . . . Bear noodles around that trope like a jazz master and takes the story to some interesting places . . ."--Locus "This is a promising beginning indeed for an epic . . . and it will no doubt be a magnificent journey."--Booklist "A panoramic drama that grabs and grips from Page 1 . . . vivid, absorbing, and thrilling."--Kirkus Reviews (starred review) "Clever and beautifully written."--Elitist Book Reviews "A thoughtful, richly complex, humane work eloquently told and elegantly constructed."--Fantasy Literature "Enchanting."--The Illustrated Page "A beautifully written story, truly epic in scope."--Lynn's Book Blog Praise for the Eternal Sky trilogy "Subtle . . . crisp."--RT Book Reviews Top Pick for Range of Ghosts "A vivid world." --Publishers Weekly on Range of Ghosts "A rousing, artful adventure."--Asimov's Science Fiction on Shattered Pillars "Astonishing."--Booklist on Shattered Pillars "Bear delivers the thematic complexity, deft worldbuilding, and compelling storytelling we've come to expect in this concluding volume of the Eternal Sky trilogy, set in a world inspired by 13th-century Asia and The Arabian Nights."--Locus on Steles of the Sky "Dense, gripping, and also entertaining, full of emotion, adventure, loss, and the possibility of hope." on Steles of the Sky Gender: unisex.

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