The Genius of: the Romans : Clever Ideas and Inventions from Past Civilisations

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Which genius ideas and inventions began with the Romans? What did they develop that we use to this day? Find out how the Romans trained their soldiers, built their roads and buildings, and supplied their people with food and water. Discover their brilliant developments in language, government, law and entertainment that have influenced the way we live today. Hardback Book 32 pages Published: 2018 by Hachette Children's Group ISBN: 9781445161129 Dimensions: 216 x 272 x 11mm Author(s): Izzi Howell Illustrator(s): The Genius of: The Romans : Clever Ideas and Inventions from Past Civilisations Hardback Book Edition by Izzi Howell Part of The Popular Series: The Genius of Suggested Age Group(s):.

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