The Confidence Coach: Take Control of Your Life and Wellbeing

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Confidence is a crucial ingredient for success in so many areas of life, whether at work, in relationships or simply getting out there and enjoying yourself. Coach Lisa Phillips knows that building confidence is ‘an inside job’; the journey to feeling empowered begins by examining our own mindsets.

In this practical, clearly laid-out guide to improving your confidence, readers are given logical steps to follow to improve your mental well-being. First, the psychological issues for low self-belief are explained and tackled, to help you form a strong foundation on which to build. Then, Lisa presents exercises such as setting confidence goals and creating a vision of a confident life, that will get you started on consciously improving your mental state! Case studies are also included throughout as well as Top Tips for unlocking your inner confidence. Finally, specific areas of life affected by confidence are examined, including relationships and career. This last stage pulls all of the skills you’ve previously learnt together to show you how to bring them seamlessly into everyday living.

By adopting the right mindset and learning a few tricks and techniques, people can release the fears that may have previously held them back. Written in Lisa’s trademark warm and humorous style, The Confidence Coach will enable you to open the door to the life you want.


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