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Is this a guidebook? Is it a jokebook? Loads of towns and cities are covered in Shitsville UK. So, it''s safe to say, there''s every probability that somewhere local gets insulted. One thing''s for sure, a more sustained attack on our great British culture has yet to been seen in print. It''s quite impossible to read it in one sitting, and in truth, sits best by the lavatory, as the name suggests. Perhaps, you will buy the book out of curiosity. Only then, when you learn what bile is heaped upon your own hometown, will you take the book to a charity shop and write a stiff letter to the Telegraph. Is it a travel guide? Is it a joke? While a cloud of smugness large enough to be seen from space has settled across the land in the wake of the Olympics and the Royal Wedding and Boris Johnson''s inexplicable ascendancy nobody yet dares to come forth and contradict the mood of jollity - only a fool with no concept of media literacy would dare now suggest that good old Blighty is actually, for the most part even shitter now than it was in the 1980''s. That fool is Monty Cantsin. - Watch with horror as he attacks every sacred cow in the land! - Cringe with embarrassment as he transparently profiteers from scandal! - Laugh your tits off as he mocks your friend''s home towns! - Choke on your chocolate milk in rage as he lampoons your own tierra patria! It may be, that some twisted and degenerate people will find it funny. Those that might snigger at a Union Jack being set on fire, perhaps. The rest of us will simply feel a little older and a little sadder.

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