Seeking Social Good: a Life Worth Living: Working with International

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Seeking Social Good is a wide-ranging autobiography of the career, life and times of Australia's first professor of social work, and pioneer social policy scholar. It is well-organised, carefully referenced, and enlivened by the author's photographs. The work is organised into 6 volumes - 'Getting Educated', 'A Career Under Way', 'Working in Australia', 'Living and Working Overseas', 'Working with International Organisations', and 'Disengaging from Work and Later Life'. Each is substantial and is worth reading in its own right, as well as being integral to the whole story. 'Later Life' in the final volume is told largely through the author's photos. In pursuit of social good, Australia's first social work professor and pioneer social policy scholar, worked with international social welfare and social work bodies - additional to periods of living and working overseas covered in the previous volume. Chairing the Pre-Conference Working Party in Manila in 1970 for the international social welfare body proved a catalyst for his international work. The present volume provides an account of his subsequent work with the International Council on Social Welfare and the International Association of Schools of Social Work, the global social welfare and social welfare education bodies, and with more specialised bodies like Rehabilitation International, ECAFE/UNICEF, the Social Welfare Development Centre for Asia and the Pacific, and the International Federation on the Ageing. A career highlight was the first Eileen Young husband Memorial Lecture in 1984, arguing for an urgent need for a reflective universal morality.

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