Secrets of Teaching ESL Grammar: a Fun, Easy-to-Understand, Fast-Paced, Intensive, Step-by-Step Manual on How to Teach ESL Grammar

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Secrets of Teaching ESL Grammar is a fun, easy-to-understand, intensive, manual on ESL (English as a Second Language) grammar--from basic to advanced--for ESL teachers (and would-be ESL teachers) who need to quickly and easily get up to speed with the English grammar that every ESL teacher should know.

Secrets of Teaching ESL Grammar explains each grammar point in depth--in plain, simple language--so that ESL teachers will really understand it and be able to teach it to their students so they really understand it. Secrets of Teaching ESL Grammar has advice about what grammar topics to teach and how to teach them, examples to put on the board, problems students will have and how to address them, questions they will ask and how to answer them and sample exercises to do and use as a template for creating more. Secrets of Teaching ESL Grammar has a wealth of tips, techniques, advice, exercises, tales from the trenches and top secret info.

Secrets of Teaching ESL Grammar has tons of classroom management advice for making ESL classrooms lively and productive learning environments that will make students (and their teacher's boss) happy.

Secrets of Teaching ESL Grammar teaches novice ESL teachers enough jargon and buzzwords to totally impress their colleagues and even better--they'll actually know what it all means and know how to put the concepts behind it to work in their classrooms, and that will make them better teachers


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