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Peterson's(R) SAT(R) Prep Guide 1600 provides advanced test preparation advice designed for high-achieving students who are motivated to increase their good SAT scores to exceptional SAT scores. This guide is also useful for competitive first-time test takers who already know the basics and want to aim for a higher score through intensive preparation. This guide will help you "prep for the perfect score!" Peterson's(R) SAT(R) Prep Guide 1600 guide covers: The most difficult concepts and problems encountered on the revised SAT(R) Expert strategies and tips to handle test questions with confidence and ease Comprehensive answers with detailed explanations to the most-difficult questions Information on new evidence-based types of questions Competitive high school students don't need to spend their valuable time covering basic concepts and easy practice questions. They need strategy tips and effective advanced preparation to get desired maximum results. This guidebook helps the brightest students feel even more confident on test day! Earning the perfect SAT score just got easier with: Focused review of advanced concepts and problematic question types Proven tactics to master those trick questions and get that perfect score Answers and explanations for each practice question Peterson's SAT Prep Guide 1600 is designed by exam experts with years of experience to help you master every aspect of the SAT exam. This helpful test-prep guide also includes the following: Comprehensive coverage of the entire SAT exam format: After reading this book, you'll know the structure and format of the exam from start to finish and have all the information needed for success on test day. Expert tips, advice, and strategies: We know what it takes to get a top score on the SAT exam--you'll get the expert tools that have proven to be effective for test-day success. Challenging, effective test practice: Get ready to improve your score with the most challenging practice questions for the SAT exam, along with detailed answer explanations to assure you are in top test-taking form! In-depth, rigorous test review: You'll get a thorough review of every test section of the SAT exam and effective study and attack plans for reaching your goal scores. This complete guide to getting a perfect SAT score is divided into 11 sections, each carefully designed by our experts. In addition to a general overview, practice, and a "summing it up" portion, here's some of what you'll find throughout the book: All about the SAT Exam: Registering for the exam Scoring Getting ready for test day SAT Reading: U.S. and World Literature Passages: Information and ideas questions Words in context questions SAT Reading: History and Social Studies Passages: Reading tactics Rhetoric questions Command of evidence questions SAT Reading: Science Passages: Synthesis questions Paired questions Informational Graphics Heart of Algebra: Manipulating numbers and expressions Solving Heart of Algebra questions Creating and solving linear equations and inequalities Problem Solving and Data Analysis: Ratios and proportional relationships, percentages, and units Sneaky averages Representing quantitative data Passport to Advanced Math: Functions Quadratic functions and parabolas Passport to advanced math practice Additional Topics in Math: Lines, angles, triangles, and circles Right triangles, circles, and trigonometric functions Expression of Ideas Questions: Organization questions Effective language use questions Attacking passages and expression of ideas questions for a perfect score Standard English Conventions Questions: Conventions of punctuation and usage Attacking standard English conventions questions for a perfect score Standard English conventions practice The SAT ESSAY: Inside the prompt Managing your time and avoiding common mistakes An SAT Essay walk-through and practice prompt Gender: unisex.

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