Return to the Outback by Lindsay Armstrong

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When Enemies Marry

In bed with her enemy!

Justin Waite made it plain that Lucy could lose everything if she didn't marry she agreed to tie the knot. Justin had claimed he only wanted a marriage of convenience, but soon it became clear he actually wanted a the fullest sense of the word! Justin was supposed to be Lucy's enemy, so why was she tantalised by the thought of sleeping with her own husband?

The Unexpected Husband

Lydia has been thrilled by her temporary assignment on an Australian cattle station until she came face to face with Joe Jordan on the first day! Tough, sexy Joe wanted to do more that work with her; he wanted to marry her! But did he just want a convenient wife?

The Constantin Marriage

Alex Constantin agreed to a marriage of convenience to Tatiana Beaufort because this inexperienced young woman intrigued him. But on their wedding night she asked for a year's grace before making theirs a "real" marriage insisting on single beds!

A year on, Tattie is both alarmed and tempted when her husband suggests they become lovers at last. But she is just as determined that she will not become his proper wife until Alex says, "I love you."


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