Remembering Georges by Annette Cooper

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Remembering Georges documents the memories of staff and clients before this living connection fades. The unique 'voice' of each interviewee shines through, because the memories are in their own words. This richly illustrated book displays some of the fabulous images associated with Georges, reflecting the style and elegance of the store itself. Georges devotees, as well as those interested in fashion, design, and Melbourne's retail and social history, will revel in the stories held within. 'I, like many other people, remember Georges very fondly. I wanted to document the memories of staff and clients, and display some of the fabulous images associated with the store, before this living connection is lost. Alan Black, for example, is 94 years old, and has some wonderful stories about the store during his long time spent there as Buyer for Georg Jensen, Stuart Devlin, Waterford and Marghab linen. Nancy Balding worked at Georges between 1948 and 1989, and served in the famous Front Showroom, which carried the most fabulous of haute couture fashion. Michael Shmith, son of the photographer Athol and model 'Bambi' Shmith, talks of his devotion to the store almost being ruined by the sight of a price-tag on a handkerchief displayed in the windows. The 'voice' of each interviewee comes through, because the memories are in their own words.'.

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