Philosophy of Mind in the Twentieth and Twenty-first Centuries: the History of the Philosophy of Mind, Volume 6

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While the philosophical study of mind has always required philosophers to attend to the scientific developments of their day, from the twentieth century onwards it has been especially influenced and informed by psychology, neuroscience, and computer science.

Philosophy of Mind in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuriesprovides an outstanding survey of the most prominent themes in twentieth-century and contemporary philosophy of mind. It also looks to the future, offering cautious predictions about developments in the field in the years to come.

Following an introduction by Amy Kind, twelve specially commissioned chapters by an international team of contributors discuss key topics, thinkers, and debates, including:

  • the phenomenological tradition,
  • the mind-body problem,
  • theories of consciousness,
  • theories of perception,
  • theories of personal identity,
  • mental causation,
  • intentionality,
  • Wittgenstein and his legacy,
  • cognitive science, and
  • future directions for philosophy of mind.

Essential reading for students and researchers in philosophy of mind and philosophy of psychology,Philosophy of Mind in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuriesis also a valuable resource for those in related disciplines such as psychology and cognitive science.


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