Newspaper, Pennies, Cardboard, and Eggs--for Growing a Better Garden: More Than 400 New, Fun, and Ingenious Ideas to Keep Your Gar

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Transform a Good Garden into a Great Garden in One Season

What''s the secret? It''s a mix of ingenuity and efficiency, accented with fun! Newspaper, Pennies, Cardboard, and Eggs-For Growing a Better Garden contains more than 400 clever solutions for easing garden troubles, new techniques for turning around an underperforming garden, and innovative ideas that will amaze even long-time gardeners.

If you''re looking to add more nutrients to garden soil, whip up a kitchen scrap smoothie and pour the juiced-up liquid right in the planting hole. If you need to chase away bulb-hungry voles, a little sharp-edged driveway gravel around the bulb will do the trick. And if digging potatoes is too tiresome, discover the no-dig, no-shovel method that lets you grow potatoes in a heap of straw mulch.

You''ll also discover:
- Intriguing and new plant varieties for sweeter corn, delicate salad greens, and handsome winter squash
- How to fill a shady spot with color, find affordable bulbs, rejuvenate peonies and perennials, and enjoy blossoms even when there''s snow
- A creative arsenal for dealing with backyard weeds, including vinegar, hot water, plastic, and flames
- Ways to turn inexpensive items from the garden, closet, and pantry into indispensable yard and garden helpers

Filled with usable, earth-conscious, and creative ideas and tips, this lively book will help you discover how to work smarter-not harder-to cultivate a better garden, year after year. Let a few of these suggestions and projects take root, and you''ll have the better-looking, more productive, and more rewarding garden in just one year.

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