My Claus Von Bulow Affaire

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Andrea Reynolds was Claus von Bulow's mistress from 1982 to 1987, and she helped him successfully appeal his conviction of attempted murder, for which he had been sentenced to thirty-two years in prison.

Von Bulow was convicted in 1982 of two counts of attempted murder of his wife, the immensely wealthy heiress Martha "Sunny" von Bulow. His wife was rich, beautiful, and American-and the case stirred up a firestorm of coverage in the tabloids and mainstream press.

But Reynolds, an aristocratic married to the famous television producer Sheldon Reynolds, believed in his innocence. She defied her husband by corresponding with the convict before slipping into a passionate love affair-risking everything for von Bulow.

My Claus von Bulow Affaire offers an insider's account of a controversial case that spawned two bestsellers and was made into an Oscar-winning film starring Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close. What's more, it provides a portrait of a largely vanished world, vividly depicting how rich and titled people on both sides of the Atlantic talked and thought, what they ate, how they dressed and made love, argued, and handled money.


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