Mini Capsters Jewelry: Turn Bottle Caps Into Wearable Art

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Make our exclusive tiny bottle caps into super-cute jewelry

When we introduced Capsters, the response was epic. Suddenly, everywhere we looked, regular bottle caps were being transformed into irresistible works of art, most of them so cool and cute you just wanted to wear them. And now, finally, you can.

Mini Capsters Jewelry starts like the original book: Squirt some of our exclusive glaze into a bottle cap and add any of the 250 gorgeous punch-out art pieces and other embellishments (like beads and jewels). But then super-simple instructions show how to turn decorated caps into an array of jewelry, from chandelier earrings to charming charm bracelets to chic pendant necklaces.

Because girls told us that regular bottle caps can be clunky to wear, we include caps in two sizes - standard and adorably mini. Both have kid-safe edges and pre-punched holes in the rims. The cute, little, only-from-Klutz caps - along with the included jump rings, clasps, beads, and cord - elevate this trend from crafty fun to real jewelry girls will love to wear. Once again, Klutz gives bottle caps some genuine creative fizz.

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