Malignant Lymphomas Other Than Hodgkin's Disease: Histology - Cytology - Ultrastructure - Immunology

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A.G. STANSFELD, and J.A.M. VAN UNNIK. In joint discussions in 1974, the Club worked out a new terminology that was acceptable to all members and will hopefully be acceptable to other pathologists. Since then, it has been called the Kiel Classification. We are also pleased that the clinicians belonging to the Kiel Lymphoma Study Group-foremost A. STACHER and G. BRITTINGER­ have been able to present preliminary data on the clinical relevance of the new classification. Finally, our optimism was fortified by the findings of R.J. LUKES and R.D. COLLINS, which largely concur with ours in both concept and practical significance. This book is divided into six main sections. First, there is a chapter on normal cytology that supplements and, in some respects, revises the presentation given in Part A of this Handbook (1961). H.K. MULLER-HERMELINK played a major role in the writing of the first chapter. The second chapter is a brief description of the light-microscopic techniques that are used in our laboratories and have proved to be suitable for a precise diagnosis of lymph-node diseases.

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