Little Emperors and Material Girls: Youth and Sex in Modern China

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China is the world''s fastest-growing economy. But behind the headlines a once-in-a-generation sexual and cultural revolution is taking place in the bars, cafes and streets of China''s mega-cities. Welcome to the new China. Writer and journalist Jemimah Steinfeld meets the young people behind the world''s fastest-moving nation to unveil their attitudes towards love, life and sexuality. Young Chinese have new words to describe the world they live in: "little emperors"-bossy and selfish single men who have grown up under the one child policy; "leftovers"-women over twenty-six who aren''t married; "love markets"-weekend gatherings where parents attempt to find husbands and wives for their children, match-make young singles and offer boyfriends for hire. Steinfeld introduces the people at the heart of this world, from the man starting China''s first online dating agency to the women who work the red-light districts; from the company trying to sell sex toys to China''s middle-classes to the sino-punks of Beijing''s bar scene. Little Emperors and Material Girls is the book that will change the way you see China.

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