Joanna Drew and the Art of Exhibitions

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This book celebrates the life and work of the English art gallery director and arts administrator Joanna Drew (1929-2003). Drew began her impressive career at the Arts Council of Great Britain in 1952 and during the next 40 years organized an extraordinarily diverse range of exhibitions--from prehistoric art to contemporary art and folk art. These include the sensational Picasso exhibition held at the Tate Gallery in 1960--the world's first blockbuster show--and other landmark exhibitions at the Tate and at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Royal Academy, the ICA and elsewhere in London and the UK, on artists such as Matisse (1968) and Anthony Caro (1969), through Renoir (1985) and Leonardo da Vinci (1989) to Toulouse-Lautrec (1990) and Bridget Riley (1969 and 1992).


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