Iris House Legacy

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Brenda Chalmers is middle-aged, single, and restless. Many days, she is lost in her daydreams of what could have been. But what she does not know is that chance is already playing a bigger part in her life than she realizes.

When she lands the job of her dreams at a firm that caters to VIP clients, Brenda is thrilled that her life is finally back on track again. As she is LED down an unexpected path full of joys, challenges, and the possibility of true love, she meets new people, oversees a remodeling project at work, and slowly begins to build confidence again. But when life brings her full circle and she uncovers her true identity, Brenda soon realizes that she now has reason to believe in karma and its power over her destiny, especially when it comes to love and family.

Iris House Legacy shares the poignant tale of a middle-aged woman's quest to cure her restlessness and find her place in the world.


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