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A fascinating psychological insight into the forces that shaped the Playboy Prince.—Daily MailThis is the story of Prince Henry, fourth in line to the British throne, and most popular member of the royal family outside the Queen. From a childhood born to a troubled marriage and scarred by the tragedy of the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, to his brilliant public performances at the Diamond Jubilee, the London Olympics, and his brother's wedding, this book charts the remarkable journey of a seemingly ordinary young man with an extraordinary destiny: once pilloried as a playboy prince who drank GBP200 cocktails with louche friends in London nightclubs, brawled with photographers, and wore a Nazi uniform to a fancy-dress party, then lauded following his first term of duty on the frontline in the most dangerous place on earth, southern Helmand in Afghanistan, from which he returned a hero.Written with the help of a wide range of people—from senior aides to humble members of staff, from aristocrats to bodyguards and protection officers, from friends of Harry's to the not-so-friendly, from those who shared classrooms with him in boyhood to those he drank with, from girls he has loved and lost to soldiers who have served alongside him on the front line in Afghanistan—Harry: The People's Prince is the story of a young man who has created a life for himself in contrast to the one set out for him by an accident of birth.

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