Grimanesa Amors: Ocupante

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The work of the prize-winning Peruvian-American light artist Grimanesa Amorós is characterized by organic forms and an instinctive, poetic approach. However, the inspirations for her fascinating sculptures can be found in the natural sciences, social history, and critical theory, which creates a dialogue between research and emotion in her work. Grimanesa Amorós: Ocupante is the first presentation of her latest works, while offering a thorough overview of her work to date.

As this beautifully illustrated book demonstrates, Amorós creates playful light installations that are engaging and enigmatic, allowing for many interpretations on different levels. Here expansive works are rendered here in large format in order to best reproduce their fluidity and luminosity. It will be an important addition to the library of anyone fascinated by the latest in contemporary sculpture and installation.

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