Great Britain in Colour

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How do you define Great Britain using shapes and colours? Paul Farrell wanted to map an illustrated journey through Britain that took in the ancient and new, man-made and natural, and brought together all the elements that made these isles quintessentially British. The result is Great Britain in Colour, a tour of the nation through all the small details and the hidden gems. In Great Britain in Colour, Farrell tours the country through the provinces, cities, isles and coastal edges, and has coloured this land of diverse extremities. Great Britain is such an eclectic mix of building styles and advanced engineering that it lends itself perfectly to a diverse palate of colours. Old traditions die hard, with folklore and arts and craft decorating our everyday life, and much of our green and pleasant land is unspoilt - a patchwork of natural features and epic views, all exposed to our ever-changing weather - a perfect canvas for an illustrator to work with. Including everything from fossil hunting in Lyme Regis to the ruins of Tintern Abbey in the Wye Valley, the green fields of Yorkshire to the sonic boom of Concorde, recorded here is a fascinating journey in colour through the fabric that makes up these Great British Isles.

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