Graphic Prehistoric Animals: Woolly Mammoth

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Learn all about wolly mamoths. They were prey to predators of all kinds including the most deadly - humans! Read what happened to one young Mammuthus in this exciting story from the prehistoric past. In the series Graphic Prehistoric Animals, each of the four books centres on an animal from the age of mammals and tells an exciting, fast-paced story full of action and colour. Illustrated in a comic book style these books are an irresistible source of information for readers aged 8 and up, who are fascinated with our long dead megafauna. Hardback Book 24 pages Published: 2018 by Hachette Children's Group ISBN: 9781445158846 Dimensions: 238 x 287 x 10mm Author(s): Gary Jeffrey Illustrator(s): Graphic Prehistoric Animals: Woolly Mammoth Hardback Book Edition by Gary Jeffrey Part of The Popular Series: Graphic Prehistoric Animals Suggested Age Group(s):.

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