Encyclopedia of Curtains: All You'll Ever Need to Know About Making Curtains

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Second edition, totally revised, rewritten and expanded1500 photographs and diagrams, including hundreds of new imagesCurrent and traditional curtain-making techniques explained in step-by-step detailAuthoritative soft-furnishing textbook, written by leading experts in their field with more than 20 years experienceSince it was released in 1996, the Encyclopaedia of Curtains has been an essential resource for curtain-makers around the world. Now, Merrick & Day have revisited their original publication and comprehensively revised it to present this second edition. They have included hundreds of new descriptive photographs and diagrams, and greatly expanding the technical step-by-step curtain-making details.They have reviewed the techniques and sewing skills described and adapted and updated them to keep in tune with the changing demands of furnishing fashion.Everything described in this second edition has been tried in their professional workroom: this is an opportunity to access their hard-earned knowledge gathered over more than twenty years and adapt it to individual situations so that time-saving shortcuts and professional techniques can be utilized to create beautiful window treatments.

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