Elements of Iceland

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In Halldr Laxness? novel Under the Glacier, the protagonist travels from Reykjavk to the mythical volcano at the Snaefellsjkull glacier, a place in whose shadow ?words cease to have even the slightest meaning.? This could be a leitmotif for Jrgen Wettke?s Iceland images. Whereas language can hardly convey the majesty and beauty of a landscape, the photographs in Elements of Iceland speak volumes in their eloquence. Wettke?s photographic journey across the volcanic island is guided by nature?s elemental forces: he shows us the diverse forms of fire, water, air, light, and earth. Whether the structures of lava flows, sculptural ice formations, or nature?s artworks, aurora borealis, lighting up the sky?Jrgen Wettke?s photography brings us closer to these wonders of nature. We discover Iceland in an entirely new and breathtaking way!

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