Detroit Metal City, Vol. 1

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R to L (Japanese Style). Soichi Negishi dreamed of moving to Tokyo and starting up a bubblegum pop band, so what''s he doing playing in Detroit Metal City, the most scandalous, outrageous and demonic death metal band on the Japanese music scene? Deep down inside, Soichi still dreams of acoustic guitars and trips to Paris, but when the makeup comes on and he transforms into his alter ego, Krauser II, not even the denizens of hell itself are safe from his soul-devouring heavy metal sound.By all accounts, Soichi Negishi is the last person on earth anyone would expect to be the front man for a death metal band: a meek little loser who''s still a virgin and wants nothing more than to sing fluffy pop ballads in trendy neighborhoods. Can he reconcile his sensitive inner yearnings with his on-stage persona, Krauser II, the vilest hard rocker in Japanese (and possibly world) history?

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