Business Over Breakfast by Bree James & Andrew Griffiths

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There has never been a period of greater opportunity or one that is more challenging for business owners everywhere.

To help navigate these incredible entrepreneurial times, two of Australia's leading business minds, Bree James and Andrew Griffiths, have teamed up to provide some early morning food for thought, designed to challenge conventional business thinking and to help business owners come out on top in every situation.

With over 100 ideas, covering a broad and diverse range of business concepts, Business Over Breakfast will:

  • Question the way you think about money in your business 
  • Make you rethink the language you use on a day-to-day basis 
  • Get your customers to fight for your business
  • Help you to embrace the power of cross-industry innovation 
  • Rethink your relationships, with everyone 
  • Get heard amongst a world of clutter.

"Business Over Breakfast is the Book You Keep Next to Your Coco Pops. Grab a Strong Coffee, A Pen, Some Paper, An iPad or A Whiteboard And Turn Your Breakfast into the Most Productive and thought Provoking 30 Minutes of Your Day." - Daniel Priestley, International Bestselling Author, co-founder of Dent Global.


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