Business Law + MyLab Business Law with EText by Andy Gibson



This pack contains 1 copy of Business Law 10th edition, and a printed access card to MyLab Business Law with eText.

A student-friendly approach with extensive coverage of business law topics and the legal environment in which businesses must operate. This edition links the application of law and government regulation to a business environment and helps students develop an understanding of the legal processes that impact on business. It focuses on the importance of the application of court decisions, statutes, and government regulation to both business and students' daily lives.

A variety of features help make learning more effective and help students see the relevance of the theory and content to their life and work.

MyLab Business Law will engage students and allow them to apply their knowledge, strengthen their understanding of key concepts and develop critical decision making skills. Please Note: The duration of access to MyLab Business Law is set by your instructor for your specific unit of study. To access MyLab Business Law you will need a Course ID from your instructor.


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