Basudara Stories of Peace from Maluku: Working Together for Reconciliation Jacky Manuputty Editor

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In the midst of the 1999 Indonesian conflict that caused great suffering, when many people were trapped and 'forced' to be directly or indirectly involved in the raging violence, some Moluccans in their own different ways stood their distance and maintained a critical attitude to the conflict. At the same time, they started to fight for peace. This book is filled with their stories. The included documentation aims to record their experiences and personal testimonies. These testimonies contain valuable lessons, not just for the people of Maluku, but for the whole of humankind. It is time that good stories from Maluku, containing voices for peace (not violent conflict), are heard. If we really want to see peace, why don't we start to read, write, or talk about it? This book is important reading for the people of Maluku and other Indonesians who have experienced violent conflict, but also for others who want to avoid the same sort of violent conflict. Policy makers, religious leaders and civilians will draw many lessons from these stories. (Series: Herb Feith Translation Series) [Subject: Asian Studies, Politics, Peace Studies, Indonesian Studies].

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