Alice Through the Looking-Glass

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A classic much-loved tale is vividly brought to life in the beautiful illustrations of the award-winning artist Helen Oxenbury. Lewis Carroll's classic stories of logic and lunacy have inspired delight in young and old alike. Continuing Alice's adventures, Alice Through the Looking Glass sees her walking through a mirror into a topsy-turvy world. There she meets a host of bizarre characters, including Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Humpty Dumpty and the Red Queen. But is it all a dream? Delightfully illustrated for a new generation by the award-winning Helen Oxenbury. Paperback Book 224 pages Published: 2008 by Walker Books ISBN: 9781406318265 Dimensions: 233 x 196 x 21mm Author(s): Lewis Carroll Illustrator(s): Alice Through the Looking-Glass Paperback Book Edition by Lewis Carroll Suggested Age Group(s):.

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