A Possession Obsession: What We Cherish and Why

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Curious about the depth of meaning people attach to their most cherished personal possessions, jewelry designer and portrait photographer Monica Rich Kosann set out to chronicle, in words and images, the stories of such deeply esteemed belongings. She sat down with more than 65 intriguing personalities, celebrities, and thought leaders who revealed to her not only the items they most value, but also the reasons why they feel this way. The result is Possession Obsession, a stunning photographic collection that features interviews with such varied figures as Usher, Judge Judy, and Isaac Mizrahi, among many others. The wonderful portraits and fascinating stories that emerged shed a gently revealing light on what lies behind the public facades of many of her subjects, but more importantly, on the universal human urge to hold material things dear not for their outward value but for their emotional significance.

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