42x12 - by Patrick Potter (Hardcover)

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42x12. The Cult of Fixed examines the global dynamics of fixed-gear and single speed bicycle culture. The fixed gear bicycle is the simplest of human powered machines. Currently at the bleeding edge of underground street subculture, fixies are the new kids on the block and the scene is currently exploding as legions of riders discover the freedom and joy of the 'fixie'. Through contemporary observation and the collaboration of those on the inside from Taiwan to New York, Brick Lane to Tokyo, 42x12 gives a unique insight into whats going on at ground level. Features include: - The Tweed Run. Distinguished gents bring style and sophistication to the streets of London. - Messenger and alley cat racing. The need for more than just speed in an urban environment. - Bicycle Polo - Moving objects and mallets battle it out in a hardcourt arena. - Indoor Racing. Eyeballs out at 150 Revolutions per minute. So Just who is the Fixie rider? It's the buzz question that a lot of people want to know right now. If we're to believe some, then the Fixie rider is a horribly spoilt late twenty something male of affluent background. He's never been required to grow up and spends all of his pocket money on cool toys and fads in a never ending effort to be trendy. Cynics would say that the Fixie rider is a myth in the process of being invented by those people who want to sell stuff to rich kids; ie the brands. So just who is the fixie rider? Sometimes it's better not to know... Gender: unisex.

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